Title:  VitaminCBD™ 2PATH Plus

Subtitle:  Following the Science

The Scientific research on the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is starting to errupt. Some of the most recent research out of Oregon State Pharmacy School points to the Endocannabinoid System that has shown that the different acid forms of cannabinoids can and do have an impact on the coronavirus and its ability to penetrate the body via its spike protein blockage, that limits COVID-19. The research is certainly preliminary and needs a lot more lab research and human trials before we can speak with scientific assurance. However, this does not mean that we should not pay attention to it.

I’m paying attention to this recent research because I have observed that my clientele taking the cannabinoid CBD as a daily supplement have mitigated the intervention of them experiencing COVID-19 signs or symptoms. These new research articles and subsequent news release via cable TV has put a spotlight on the acid forms of the cannabinoids. I will say that Dr. Missoula, The Godfather of Cannabis, talked about not forgetting about the importance of the acid forms of Cannabis sativa L, versus the neutral forms of the cannabinoid, known as CBD which has the most public attention. 

Dr. Rafael M made this point about the acid form of Cannabinoids having a plethora of important interventions within our physiological make-up in a lecture several years ago. It was a plea for it not to take 30 more years for the scientific world to understand the importance of the acid forms of cannabinoids. I took this message to heart, and utilized a mechanism known as ultrasonic cavitation to avoid solvents and heat from driving the chemical reaction from the acid form to the neutral form, causing a decarboxylation of the product. In doing so, I was able to get a much higher level of CBD-A which is the acid form. I put that together with the CBD and created 2PATH. 

Studying the acid form from the different cannabinoids, I discovered that the acid form of CBD (CBD-A) does not work within the Endocannabinoid Pathway (ECP) but works through the Cyclooxygenase Pathway (COG).  This COG pathway is commonly used in the pharmaceutical production of anti-inflammatory medications such as Motrin, Aleve etc. So, here was another pathway where we could use to fight inflammation. But what became even more relevant is the fact that the acid form of CBD has a great affinity for serotonin receptors. This was major because the homeostasis of serotonin has a great deal to do with people’s moods, and the basis for different drugs that act as an agonist for serotonin maintenance in the body.

2PATH therefore works through two mechanisms: Mechanism one, CBD-A works through the Cyclooxygenase Pathway with a high-grade special affinity for serotonin and the second mechanism, the other neutral form CBD works through the ECP with CBD.  With the advent of these new research articles, CBG-A another acid form has been added to the therapeutic mix, 2PATH +. With my continuous appreciation for the acid forms, I added this acid form of a cannabinoid known as CBG-A to the mix. The acid form CBG-A is the stem cell for the formulations of the other cannabinoids and can also be preserved if we do not use solvents and heat which usually drives reaction to its neutral form, CBG.

This is not to downgrade CBG by any stretch of the imagination. Recent articles have pointed to CBG as a possible treatment for prostate cancer. More on that later. What is important now is that I want to introduce you to 2PATH +. 

2PATH+ is a Formulation that has two acid forms, CPG-A and CBD-A along with the neutral form, CBD.  The CoA testing bears out the concentrations of the cannabinoids and 2PATH + will be available in our Shopify online store.  Visit www.dailyvitaminCBD.com.

Authored by

Eric I. Mitchell, MD FACPE

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