CBD Meets Bipolar Disorders 

                      Benefits of Using CBD for Bipolar Disorders

Before we get started let me give you an idea of what bipolar disorder (BD) is. If you have been given this diagnosis, you are 1 of 4% of Americans so diagnosed. So, I do not have to explain to you the multi-drug therapy commonly used from a pharmacological standpoint. People are traditionally much more cloistered with their mental health problems, relative to physical health diagnoses that are often shared on social media. 

Multi-drug therapy has led to some very great medical advances particularly in a disease like leukemia. However, this divine search for the golden goose may require multiple geese in treating bipolar disease. There are nine drug categories and more than 26 pharmacological drugs that are commonly used in the treatment of BD. This multi-drug trial and error regimen alone can cause confusion, compliance, and financial challenges. 

If you do not know BD, the diagnosis is a psychological mood disorder that affects our mental health. You might want to know the medical meaning or, you have heard of this diagnosis but do not quite understand it. These mood episodes are categorized as manic/hypomanic (abnormally happy or irritable mood) or depressive (sad mood). 

 As a physician, I might be able to give a little bit of credence as a trusted source, the old physician to give good and reliable information I have been working with cannabis over the last 10 years. I hope this helps to dispel some of the myths that you have when you do not trust your smartphone to give you all the information you want to know.

Awareness of mental health conditions like BD is on the rise.  COVID-19’s effect on our mental health has been quite apparent. The diagnosis of anxiety has tripled and depression as a clinical diagnosis has quadrupled. BD is a combination of a depression phase and/or a manic phase of this disorder at a different point in time. Either of these two phases can cause a great deal of mental distress or social embarrassment if it is a manic phase of inappropriateness.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been used to treat depression with a growing number of clinical studies showing its efficacy. Supplementation of the ECS is necessary to making sure that we have the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) fully supplied with its vital cannabinoids for the quick, on-demand response, to address the synaptic and presynaptic membranes of whatever neuron you are stimulating.

Despite the availability of pharmaceutical agents which can be effective in ameliorating the acute affective symptoms and prevent episodic relapse, BD is inadequately treated in a subset of patients. Welcome the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) known to exert neuromodulatory effects on other neurotransmitter systems critical in governing emotions. Several studies ranging from clinical to molecular, as well as anecdotal evidence, have placed a spotlight on the potential role of the ECS in the pathophysiology of BD. This is why it is so important, to get a “Daily dose of Wellness”. You can do that at www.vitaminCBD.com and welcome the new clinical studies ahead of the curve. 

The potential role of the ECS has been almost neglected in BD; however, from recent data available which suggest a role of ECS in mood control, it is justified and supports conducting comprehensive studies to determine whether ECS manipulation could positively affect BD. Following the scientific crumbs and limited available data, it is suggested that activation of the ECS’s CB2 receptors may stabilize mood in BD.

Join and follow me as I continue to follow the science in designing and formulating consumables to fight BD. 

Please and Thank You,

Eric I Mitchell MD FACPE

A doctor with a stethoscope around his neck

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