“Never To Late To Do A Good Thing”

MJ biz magazine has just come out with an article in the March edition about some of the most recent research on Cannabinoids and COVID-19 mitigation. The author Kristen Nichols, talks about her disappointment in the ability for scientist to study this age old botanical plant known as Cannabis sativa L.

In this article titled ”Too Little, To Late”, Kristen expresses her frustration when she sees that there is an abundance of possibilities for these cannabinoids from this plant to potentially affect the coronavirus effect on our bodies. She asked the proverbial question, why has it taken so long for the government to unleash the scientific capabilities of this plant.

Please take a read, because I believe you are “Never To Late”. https://issuu.com/webdev-annehollandventures/docs/0322_mjbizmar2022_digital?fr=sZWQ3YTQ1MjM3MTc

I took the information from those scientific articles that were released in mid January 2022, which also showed up on MSNBC from different scientific institutions, looking at the same theme of COVID-19 reduction. I took action in following this science! I went to the lab and put this research into action.

I formulated a new product called VitaminCBD™ 2PATH + that could and would take advantage of this early preliminaryresearch. Please follow my blog @www.teamvisiontoaction.com and my products @ http://www.dailyvitaminCBD.com.

Please and thank you, Dr Eric I.

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