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Bringing CBD/COVID-19 into Focus

The headlines in medical journals and some news cable channels report some interesting news as this headline: New Study: Cannabis Compound CBD May Potentially Prevent,Fight COVID-19 Infection… Yet it appears that people have seen it but really have not paid attention to it. It is like bringing something into focus. Science concludes that it takes a given number of times, 6 to 8 times, before people will tune in to make something relevant. How many pictures have we seen where there is a hidden image within the picture but you have to focus at the right place in the picture in order to see what is the hidden image.

Today, each of us individually generate more information than ever before in human history. The world is now awash in a voluminous amount of data. The trouble is our brains have not evolved to be able to process it all. This may well explain why we have to see something X number of times before it registers as relevant.

There is a current awakening to the science around the Cannabis sativa L plant, most often called hemp, or medical cannabis. And yet we have to be careful not to make it the END-ALL, and a be ALL to all our medical woes. That would be snake oil, and Cannabis sativa L is not that but an age-old botanical medicine which we will have to rediscover because of the prohibitions that were placed on this plant for the last 85 years.

What is really important is looking at the science, validating the science going through the scientific method; first the hypothesis, then the experiment, then the results, and then you have to repeat the experiment again. You repeat the experiment again in order to see if you get the same results. Only then with repetition of the same results can we talk about a theory. The theory is then put out there for other people to challenge it in a positive or negative fashion.

If we look at the two most recent cannabis/coronavirus studies that came out of the University of Chicago and the Oregon State Pharmacy School, they have the same outcome through different mechanisms. The only remedy, which is an age-old remedy, is to educate the masses. Misinformation and disinformation along with a social media platform, that can dispel misinformation and this information so quickly, the public becomes grossly confused.

Let us go back to our headlines, which tell us that cannabis research is being examined not only in the articles outlined above but have been so pursued globally and the most in Israel. This drip, drip of information relative to the benefits of the Endocannabinoid System via: endocannabinoids, phytocannabinoids, and synthetic cannabinoids will all be coming into focus in short order.

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Please and thank you, Authored by
Eric I Mitchell MD FACPE

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