VitaminCBD™ 2PATH

 A “Daily Dose of Wellness”

Anxiety has tripled and depression has quadrupled since the start of this COVID-19 pandemic two years in.  We have bodily systems which are suppose to help fight the above two mental health issues and the virus as well.  This has been a tall order for our bodies to deliver on.  So here is the question. “Have You Had Your Daily Dose of Wellness.” 2PATH was formulated with this in mind.

Ever since the coronavirus COVID-19 appeared January 2020 and social distancing, cancellations and masking measures began to be implemented, people have been trying to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit. There is nothing like an epidemic or pandemic to make you think about the value of your health when you see people around you get sick. So, what can we do to stay healthy.  2PATH was formulated with this in mind.

Now it has been two years since the first cases of COVID-19 appeared in China. We were not ready for it and it jumped-the-public because the 1918 H1N1 virus was called Spanish Flu and was 101 years ago. This coronavirus came with a new name, without a past history the public could draw from or understand the severity. Well, COVID-19 did not take long to shut down the world.

T-cells, B-Cells and neurotransmitters have this three-prong objective of keeping us healthy. T cells and B cells are the white blood cells of the immune system that are responsible for adaptive immune response to different organism, that occur in mammals!. Both the B and T cells are made in the bone marrow. B cells mature in the bone marrow while the T cells travel to the thymus and mature there. These cells are structurally similar and are both involved in adaptive immune response to bacterial and viral organism. 2PATH was formulated with this in mind.

T and B cells work together to destroy infections, viruses and all other agents that could pose a threat to people’s health. It is a very important system that keeps us healthy, especially in times of stress that can lead to anxiety. Immune systems are also in charge of monitoring and eliminating cells that are not functioning properly as the cells age with a process called apoptosis and where the cancer research is being directed in many clinical studies at present. And the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) has an influence on both of these systems. 2PATH was formulated with this in mind.

How much do you know about the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)? The vast majority of CBD consumers have simply never heard of this organ system and 40% of doctors in a recent study. To make informed decisions on adding a supplemental cannabinoid to our bodies regimen makes sense just like what we do for Vitamins A, B, C, D, etc. This supplement CBD (Vitamin CBD ™) as a vitamin helps to support this ECS system in the CBD marketplace.  It is essential to understand the power of the Endocannabinoid System and its tremendous ability to influence overall wellbeing and mental health. 2PATH was formulated with this in mind.

The proverbial question from the public is “What will I feel”?  This question is a carryover from the name cannabis.  When most of the public hear the word cannabis, they are thinking THC and getting high. There is no high with CBD. This 70-year assault on the plant Cannabis sativa L needs a reset button which shows how important this species is and how it affects our physical and mental health. 2PATH was formulated with this in mind.

Mental Health: Anxiety and Depression during COVID 19

Anxiety is a feeling of constant worry or stress which prevents an individual from feeling relaxed. Anxiety can lead to depression.

There are several theories about what causes depression.  The condition most likely results from a complex interplay of individual factors, but one of the most widely accepted explanations cites abnormal brain chemistry. 2PATH was formulated with this in mind.

Researchers have suggested that for some people, having too little of certain substances in the brain (called neurotransmitters) could contribute to depression. Restoring the balance of brain chemicals could help alleviate symptoms. Balance is ECS’s main job. Put simply, neurotransmitters are chemical messengers in the brain. The nerve cells of the brain use neurotransmitters to communicate with each other. The messages they send are believed to play a role in mood regulation.  A key neurotransmitter and regulator is serotonin or the “feel good” chemical. In addition to helping regulate your mood, serotonin has a number of different jobs throughout the body from your gut to blood clotting to sexual function. 2PATH was formulated with this in mind.

The pharmaceutical marketplace has many drugs for anxiety and depression, stop.  I want you to take your daily botanical VitaminCBD™ 2PATH for a “Daily Dose of Wellness” and “Feel Normal”. That is a great feeling! 2PATH was formulated with this in mind.

Authored by

Eric I. Mitchell, MD FACPE

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