Dual Headed Problem: Global Warming and Anxiety

One Common Solution – Hemp

The global warming of our ecological system, earth, has our young population stressed out. Anxiety can come in many different forms. This new form of generational stress is called Eco-Anxiety (EA). EA is due to our planet warming to a point of Armageddon. Most people admit that global warming is man made and a big evolving problem. Generationally the younger population consider this problem serious. For the first time in American voting history, the youngest generations (both Millennial and iGeneration– (born in or after 1997) are projected to make up the largest proportion of registered voters going forward.

In an April 2019 a survey on issues important to the voters, the respondents were asked how important was global warming in their voting decisions.  A relatively similar proportion of registered voters across generations say global warming is “very important” to their voting decisions, but younger generations rank global warming higher in voting issue priority than do older generations.

Can this carbon footprint be reduced, which causes the greenhouse effect trapping the heat on the earth’s surface causing global warming and this newfound EA? Today’s treatment of multiple forms of life’s anxiety including Eco Anxiety is shifting toward plant-based medicine like CBD from hemp. What can this young generation do about this global warming problem, grow hemp.  The same treatment for both problems can be used to solve the cause, global warming and the effects, EA!

Two Birds, one stone—the idea that cannabis cultivation can help mitigate the effects of climate change is not new. The treatment of anxiety with a hemp product CBD is also not new. I can tell you anxiety and the utilization of CBD to treat anxiety has been well-established. As a physician who became a hemp farmer to grow, cultivate, buck and to formulate CBD products, I know. I know that it is great treatment for anxiety and many other medical aspects that can be discussed in another blog. What we want to do now is to determine how global warming becomes the second bird in our sights.

Cannabis sativa L is being legalized in more places than ever before. Some activists push for legalization with claims of climate change benefits, but how true is it that cannabis can help prevent or reverse climate change? The United States was one of the last industrial countries to re-introduce hemp back into the agricultural ethos. However, the initial push and renaissance of hemp in the USA has been to grow cannabis for CBD for medicinal purposes. In Canada, therenaissance has been directed toward the long and short fibers of this amazing plant. Every country can play a part in saving our planet.       

Cannabis sativa L, better known as hemp, is the most sequestrating plant known to man.  This plant can take carbon out of the air and put it back into the soil where it belongs reducing carbon.Carbon here refers to gas carbon dioxide or CO2. Human activities since the industrial revolution, and especially since the mid-20th century, have been consistently increasing the level of CO2 released into the earth’s surface, causing a rise in the earth’s surface.

It has been determined that if enough hemp is again planted in our ecosystem, we could slow down or actually reverse our carbon footprint in global warming.

Today, the amount of CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere is much higher than what it would be naturally causing this Greenhouse Effect. Hemp can reintegrate CO2 back into the soil through biosequestration. 

Biosequestration or biological sequestration is the capture and storage of the atmospheric greenhouse gas carbon dioxide by continual or enhanced biological processes of putting carbon back into the soil reducing CO2 gas.

So the message if simple—grow HEMP and help our planet and its population in a cooler world with less Eco-Anxiety.

Please and thank you,

Authored by

Eric I. Mitchell, MD FACPE

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