Emotional Health with CBD

Emotional Wellness Supports Emotional Intelligence
Emotional health supports emotional intelligence. We want to take one very simple concept of health and make sure that we include the mental piece as well as the physical piece of health. In mental health there is something called emotional health or emotional wellness. There are many factors that affect both our physical and mental health.

Emotional wellness was the subject of a recent study done out of Brazil. This was a clinical trialthat showed that cannabis CBD therapy increased and improved emotional wellness. There are multiple studies at different universities and in the literature about emotional wellness studies and cannabis. This study out of Brazil was a clinical trial, showing that CBD is reaching the pinnacle necessary to do larger studies, showing significant clinical improvements in emotional health.

We need more clinical studies, no doubt, but the only point I am making today with this recent clinical trial is that you have to have emotional wellness in order to have emotional intelligence.Emotional intelligence basically has four characteristics and is felt to be as important or more important than IQ.

The four categories that make up emotional intelligence—self-regulation, empathy, motivation, and social skills. It is clear that all of the above previous three are incorporated into the fourth for execution purposes. How we handle our problems, our families and our loved ones more than likely depend on all four of these categories. This is why we think emotional intelligence is so very important.

I am glad to see another clinical application of CBD being utilized to make our emotional lives better. Go get A Daily Dose of Wellness @ http://www.dailyvitamincbd.com and like our website and visit often and take advantage of any of the discounts we have located in our flag banner on our website’s first page.

Please and thank you,
Eric I. Mitchell, MD FACPE

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